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2500 - 7200 m2


Looking into securing a land and starting your long life project?
Located at Emten is a subdivision with 6 agricultural lots contracted by Malier. Each are with certified land titles, securing area sizes from 2500m2 – 7200 m2.
Please click on the link below to view the lot availability and lots details.



LOT 1 (UNDER-CONTRACT)                         LOT 2  (RESERVED)             

Area size: 3300 Sqm                                       Area size: 3300 Sqm

Price: 3,000,000 VUV                                      Price: 3,000,000 VUV


 LOT 3(UNDER-CONTRACT)                         LOT 4  (AVAILABLE) 

Area size: 3295 Sqm                                      Area size: 2505 Sqm

Price: 3,100,000 VUV                                      Price: 2,350,000 VUV  


LOT 5 (AVAILABLE)                                         LOT 6 (AVAILABLE)     

Area size: 2664 Sqm                                         Area size: 7211 Sqm

Price: 2,500,000 VUV                                       Price: 6,750,000 VUV                                                                                              


For further queries, you are welcome to contact our agent Janet Maki.


Property Details

Type: Agricultural Sale

Estate: Emten

Property Type: Agriculural

Property Size: 2500 - 7200 m2

Property Features

• Six Agricultural lots
• Area Sizes ranging from 2500m2 – 7200m2
• Lush surroundings and excellent soil combination
• A fair access road to each plot

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